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Montana Education & Training Sdn Bhd (1372010-D) is wholly owned by Malaysians. Montana provides consultancy to school-leavers/adults with options of services and studies required by the students/clients. Montana also recruits foreign student for the institution its collaborated with. Montana as a training centre prepares students for various assessments. With strong management and academic teams who are passionate about education, Montana seeks to help all students realize their dreams. Montana Education & Training Sdn Bhd is a Registered  Human Resources Development Corporation Training Provider (Serial Number: 202001015690)

Our Values

We aim to provide our students with a supportive atmosphere that embraces their needs and goals as learners. With unique objectives and a leading team of advisor and teaching staff on hand, we create positive pathways through our training solutions.

Through careful understanding and the ability to help nurture our student community, no matter their level of abilities or goals, we’ve created an environment that ensures success from start to finish. Experience what it’s like to have some of Malaysians biggest and most prominent providers by your side, delivering exceptional programs and student placement opportunities that can otherwise be missed.

Establish pathways for your future that see you rise to rewarding employment within the industry, or learn what it takes to be a professional out in the ‘real world’.

Choosing an institution that supports your needs and understands your goals can be a challenge. We aim to eliminate this overwhelming process by providing you with high-quality solutions and courses that fully encompass the shifting tides of the industry.

Backed by strong support from providers and partners, Skills Training offers expertise within the Vocation Education and Training system to make sure you’re given all opportunities possible. Take the journey with our team, whether you’re a  Malaysian student or international – we’re here to kick off your career.

Our Services

  • Training and Development In Career Programmes,
  • Students Recruitment (Local & Abroad)
  • Recruitment Agent of Local Colleges and Universities
  • One to one Private Tutoring
  • Basic English, Intensive English, Career Language Training
  • IELTS exam preparation

An innovative leader in reshaping the education transformation.

  • To foster academic, research, and professional excellence in all domains.
  • To transform the young generation’s minds into competent professionals with innovative thinking and good human values.
  • Sagacity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

We accomplish our mission by focusing on the following goals:

  • Provide quality and cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment.
  • Provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, skills and enrich the organization.
  • Create, promote and foster an organizational environment that values development, diversity, and growth opportunities for all employees.
  • Provide individuals and the organization with the tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and future demands services.
  • Provide ongoing leadership and support to the organization’s succession efforts.
  • Promote, support, and leverage technology resources and tools to improve  and enhance work-flow efficiency and improve customer service.

Working adults who wish to enhance skills, SPM/STPM leavers, Students from abroad who wish to further studies on worldwide recognized programs at affordable fees.

We provide professional services at an affordable fee with options of services and studies required by the student/clients. Job placement services while in the final semester.

No matter what your background is, there are employers that are seeking your skills. As the industry has evolved, some jobs and workplaces have become increasingly diverse and inclusive.

We offer innovative training that guarantees a quality learner experience. We’re actively developing a productive workforce and wider talent pool for employers.

By working in collaboration with employers, we match our training with employment opportunities. We’re benefiting local communities and laying the foundation for the industry improvement.

Our apprenticeships are built to bridge the skills gap and inspire the younger generation through hands-on experience and innovative training.

By listening to organizations and learners, enables us to respond to the needs of employers, individuals and the communities in which they live and work. We dedicate our resources to support learning success.

We up-skill the workforce through assessment and programmes of certificate to diploma ranging from levels 2 to 4

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

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