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MExclusive Tailoring Since 1987MONTANA

Most tailors do a good job, but only the confident one promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are passionate to dress you up perfectly at all occasions and turn your money into great value.

At Montana, apart from the yearly staples – wool that accommodate your diversified needs all year long, you can find more than hundred types of fabric for your business conference or cocktail party or any image you hope to project.

It is all started from your jacket that people usually judge and have their first impression. The choices of jacket range from blazer, bush jacket to blouson. If you think jacket is too formal in certain occasions, a well fit vest can easily be matched with your shirt for a casual but smart look.

You can always find Montana as a one stop service centre to tailor-make your shirt and pants that go perfectly tuneful with your jacket. Be it a long sleeves, short sleeves, or batik sleeves, we craft them precisely based on your body measurement. In the event you look for something beyond the ordinary class, we can also make you a tuxedo shirt or Malay traditional shirt. Tell us what you need for the bottom, be it office wear, tuxedo or cotton pants, and your expectation will never be disappointed at Montana.

Accessory for outfit represents your personal taste in life. So, ask for a custom-made tie, cravant, bowtie, cufflinks or cummerberband, instead of picking one from shopping mall.

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