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MExclusive Tailoring Since 1987MONTANA

Tailoring is about technique, experience, talent and passion. And Montana has them all. Consists a team of four, we are always abiding by conventional aesthetics while embracing contemporary elements such as reconstruction, fine detail and fashionable influence.

As a tailor since the year of 1993, smart and bright, Paul has strong faith in man made costume and tailoring fine art despite of the fast pace evolution in fashion industry. He is highly determined and passionate to bring Montana to a different paradigm by incorporating every possible little apparent design art into men’s costume tailoring.
One of the pioneer tailor specialists at Montana. Ling started his career in personalized and niche tailoring service since year 1973. With years of experience matching the right suit to the right people, he is decent to give opinion and well equipped troubleshooting skill to tackle your growing desire for a perfect men dressing.
Learning male costume tailoring since the year of 1985, Que Ho’s skill and technique is almost flawless if not perfect. Being suave and focus has made him a highly productive tailor specialist at Montana, and added immeasurable values to the team throughout these years.
The fresh innovation and dashing modern style and like-minded young tailor (with 13 years of experiences) specialist at Montana has reinvigorated the latest interest in tailoring and the man’s suit. The young but talented Muhd Alif Lee is a great stimulant for Montana to continuously pushing the perimeters of male dressing.

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